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My name is Amanda I lost my house due to a house fire the house was deemed unfit to live in and as a result me and my husband and children were homeless we thought that Our world was crumbling down before our eyes we tried so hard to search for a place for children but we were getting no luck and then we met these two amazing real estate agents Lisa and her team oh my god they were like our angels we met with them they were very professional very friendly very kind they knew about our situation and they were there for us they helped us find a place before Christmas for our children and we thought what a blessing we tried so hard to find other places but we were getting turned down it wasn't until we met those two angels that we knew Our life was about to change and it did we now have a home for our children before Christmas I would highly recommend Lisa as your real estate agent if you're ever looking for someone please contact her is the best she is not only professional but she also care about what their clients need and what matters to them Thank you so much Lisa for everything that you have done for our family you guys are amazing and the best I can't thank you enough and I will be recommending you two everybody I know!!!! Amanda